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Every calendar year brings its own unique set of challenges in the election cycle. Recently, the Coalition for Advancing Freedom (CAF) encouraged grass roots activists to get involved through 'Vote for Freedom 2010'. Pundits from all over the political spectrum agree that CAF volunteers had a major impact on election results in our first ever attempt to get involved.

Odd number years in the election cycle focus primarily on local elections, whereas even number years deal more with state and national candidates and campaigns. In November of each year the die has already been cast and the names on the ballot are narrowed down to just two major party candidates along with an occasional long shot third party entrant. To avoid choosing the lesser of two evils, CAF encourages citizens not only to vote and volunteer general elections, but to become involved in primary elections and the party convention process that precedes the primary.

Pennsylvania, unlike some other states, requires that a voter be registered in a party to take part in that party’s primary election. Therefore while we at CAF agree voters should evaluate candidates on their merits and exercise independent judgment, we would recommend that voters consider the benefits of registering as members of a political party to secure their impact on the overall process by participating in primary elections.

The key is to join forces with others in the community, and plug into the activities that generate real influence. If you would like to meet other citizens ready to engage in the political process in Chester County, we are here to serve as that meeting place. Come join us and get to know your neighbors. We'll work together to elect leaders that support our principles.


Those of us who believe in the Constitution, limited government, and personal responsibility have supported, worked on behalf of, contributed to, or voted for professional politicians who have invariably let us down. If we are to make a difference, we can no longer rely on those seeking power and money driven by ambition and ego to lead us. It will require each of us to look inside ourselves and ask does our country and our community need us to serve. The Coalition for Advancing Freedom (CAF) encourages you to explore this possibility.

It is our hope at CAF that citizens who share our core values will consider running for public and party office. As you ask yourself if you could be part of the solution and consider running we would like to help. We would love to talk further with you and suggest some steps that you might take to move forward.

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