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EDUCATE -- CAF offers YOU the citizen, an opportunity to learn what you can and should do, to amplify your voice, and to engage in effective action.  Some of the topics available include:
  • Understanding the Constitution/Founding Principles/History
  • Overview of Economics and History of Capitalism
  • Information from Public Forums/Speaker
  • Communications through Bulletins/Articles/Newsletters
  • Knowing more about Party Structure/Schedule
  • Instructions on how to run for public office
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PARTICIPATE -- As we gather in strength and numbers, we will become even more effective. Here are some of the ways we can get involved: 
  • Attend rallies/events
  • Write letters to elected officials/newspapers
  • Help with campaign activities
  • Produce scorecards and distribute
  • Run for office such as
    • School Board
    • Township Supervisor
    • Committeeperson
  • Participate in CAF's Accountability Initiatives
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LEGISLATE -- People with a desire to make a difference get involved; have a voice; and make themselves known by:
  • Developing relationships with elected officials
  • Communicatong support for or opposition to specific issues and legislation
  • Focus energy on key issues (short list)
  • Write/Propose legislation
  • As Office holders, Influence and make decisions based on principles

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