History of Capitalism

We are putting the finishing touches on a “Capitalism” course.  Our goal is to have it ready for its maiden voyage in late 2012 or early 2013.  We’ll be looking for a small group of people to go through this course (probably four weeks) and provide feedback on it.  We want to make it a standing offering starting in 2013.  Click here to request additional information.

The premise of the course is the topic of Capitalism and how it relates to the foundation of our Nation.  It is not a course that will delve into all the modern aspects of Capitalism, but rather a treatise of the concepts that our Founding Fathers used for the basis of the United States.

The content is based on the class entitiled "Thinking about Capitalism" taken from The Great Courses Company and is presented by Professor Jerry Z. Muller.

The class will likely run 5 or 6 weeks and be 2 1/2 hours per night.  A book list will be provided for supplemental reading and information.  The class promises to be fun and informative.

Tentative Lecture Subjects:

  1. Why think about Capitalism?

   9. Smith on problems of commercial society
  2. The Greek and Christian traditions  10. Smith on moral and immoral Capitalism
  3. Hobbes' challenge to traditions   11. Conservatism and Advanced Capitalism - Burke
  4. Dutch commerce and national travel   12. Conservatism and periphery Capitalism - Moser
  5. Capitalism and Toleration - Voltaire  13. Hegel on Captialism
  6. Abundance or Equality - Voltaire vs. Rousseau  14. Hamilton, list, and the case of protectionism
  7. Seeing the invisible hand - Adam Smith  15. De Tocqueville on Capitalism in America
  8. Smith on Merchants, Politicians, Workers  


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