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Some of you have heard about Common Core, some may not. Common Core is a standardized educational system sent to the states by Washington, via a bunch of money put in front of the Governor of each state, requiring only his signature to give the go-ahead. Almost all governors signed on (without ever understanding what it was) since 2009. It’s been presented as a utopia program in a variety of formats for the students, and of course, States would not receive government money unless they signed on. Delaware was the first of two states to say yes. PA is well on board, even though it has been put on hold through voter outrage, and will probably be up for some type of a vote in the next session. It is yet another piece of the socialistic puzzle that is becoming our United States of America! When you fully understand the big picture, it is awful. It impacts not only the future of the children, but intrusion into the personal, health and financial files of the families of the entire nation. 

There is a mandatory data base that tracks teachers and students, to the point where if a 2nd grader says the word ‘race’ or questions same sex attraction, it will be filed and stay with a portfolio for their entire school/career/life. It never goes away. Your child’s eating habits, personality traits, etc. are recorded by the teacher and filed with the federal government daily, and can never be changed or challenged and are not to be shared with the parents. Instead of preparing creative lessons at night, teachers will file reports on the kids (most are already doing it), and sending the reports to D.C. This portfolio is not allowed to be seen by the parent. Teachers, administrators, even vendors at the school (Microsoft, etc.) will have access. Why? Because it is a predetermined path the child will be put on to fill in the places in industry where they will be most fit to serve the good of the people. Additionally, your political history will follow the child; any time a parent is incarcerated; the social connections; the marriage status, etc. It will control elections, at the very least. It is federally mandated out of Washington and no district will have its own say by 2015. It affects homeschoolers, private and charter schools as well. Common Core is privately held and greatly funded by Bill and Melinda Gates, GE, etc. Aside from taking away the freedoms of our children, the money it will cost the taxpayer will be outlandish. The plan, unless we stop it will be in full swing by 2015. This is on top of what Obama care will do and cost.


Here are two sites you can link to where you will be further enlightened to the truth and an in-depth look at Common Core.  One is from Dr. Peg Luksik,  The other is from Whitney Neal (Freedomworks Group),  Recently, Dr. Luksik gave not one, but two presentations to over 300 people at a CAF events where she exposes the facts for all to see and hear.

Below are links to Dr. Luksik’s latest video presentation given on August 13, 2013 along with the actual PowerPoint slides she used in the video.  Also, there is a link to the PowerPoint Slides Whitney Neal has used on the subject. You need to find out the truth and hear the facts the news media will not discuss. -- takes you to Dr. Luksik’s video
Dr. Luksik’s PowerPoint Slides  – as used in her video.

Whitney Neal’s PowerPoint slides -- overview of Common Core

Teachers, administrators, parents, and legislators know very little about this mandate and tax expenditure.  The addendum alone is over 1,000 pages.  So if you want the truth, do not google Common Core.  Look at the above websites/presentations and make up your own mind.

Please contact your local & State representative as well as the Governor to let them know the truth and your objections to Common Core implementation.


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