Who We Are  
         Our Mission      

To advance the constitutional freedoms, principles and values granted to all citizens of the United States of America. We lock arms with those committed to the purpose of restoring America to a country that is by the People, of the People and for the People.  Another way to think of our mission is that we are "securing the blessings of liberty" for this generation and those to come.

How and Why we are here

We are located in Chester County, PA.

We are a group of ordinary American citizens who come from all stations in life. Some of us have young families while others have teens or grown children. Some of us are retired while others work in varied fields including retail, manufacturing, finance, technology, teaching etc. Many are small business owners or homemakers. Likewise, some come from a religious heritage, while others do not.

But we have come together to make a statement in Chester County, "The time for watching our founding principles treated as irrelevant in political life is over."

These principles are disappearing rapidly from political life and American culture at large. It is time for like-minded citizens to unite and work together to restore the principles and values that have made America great.



What we believe

Responsible Citizens

We believe that we, as responsible American citizens, have the right and duty, to educate our fellow citizens with regard to government and to interact with elected representatives with regard to issues affecting the electorate. This includes gaining accurate information about candidates and issues and voting as conscience, not others, dictate.

Responsible and Principled Leaders

We believe that elected leaders are responsible for upholding the Constitution and are servants of the public trust. Elected leaders who place loyalty to party and powerful interests over responsible decision-making do a disservice to their constituents and the office they hold. We believe that elected leaders ought to be fiscally responsible. In simple terms, this means only spending money that they have. Policy that burdens the public with increasing debt is irresponsible.

Returning to Founding Principles

We believe Americans are free to choose and remove public officials who fail to represent them. We believe individual rights and responsibilities supersede government's role in controlling our lives. Each individual has the right to determine his national service, his work, his home location, his friends, his community and his faith.

Adherence to the Constitution

It is the government's responsibility to uphold the Constitution. For example, it is not a governmental prerogative to guarantee health care for all citizens. Our representatives should encourage tort reform, greater access through interstate insurance competion, non-involvement in abortion funding, and total avoidance of government-controlled public options.


We believe in God in the Judeo-Christian tradition, and like our founders, believe that faith and religious practice contribute positively to a moral and civil society.

Free Markets

We believe the United States economy is based on free market enterprise, not on expanding government intervention and regulation. We believe that companies should not be rescued from bankruptcy using public monies. We believe that companies are managed for profit, and that they are responsible for their own futures.

Smaller Government / Lower Taxes

We believe the role of government in America should be limited. Powers not expressly given to the federal government in the Constitution are reserved to the states or the people. Consequently, we support tax policy in accordance with limited government scope.

Energy Security

We need to create energy independence and security for America by utilizing many sources of energy to this end; nuclear, clean-coal, natural gas, bio-fuels, domestic oil expansion, solar energy, and wind energy. The transition to energy independence should be based on incentives not heavy-handed government regulation and taxation.

Strong National Security

We believe that strong national security policy has historically proven to be an ingredient of American greatness. In the future a strong national security continues to be vital to continued American freedom, independence and prosperity.

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